Software developed
in Switzerland
We develop our own products and provide our knowledge in software development to develop new or adapt existing software. We develop with high quality out of Switzerland.
You'd like to digitize your business processes and need a tailored software? We take you through the whole process, from the idea, through th development, to the maintenance.
Sophisticated simplicity
We develop seemingly simple solutions, which are technically sophisticated and of high quality. Your software is developed with maintenance in mind, so that it can be developed further, adapted and maintained.
No buzzwords
We don't try to impress. You won't hear buzzwords like artificial intelligent, blockchain or scrum from us. It is important to us that our software solutions generate business value and your work efficiency and quality is improved by it. We don't sell you expensive software, which is not maintainable and requires more personal resources than an analog solution. As a transparent solution provider we sell to you what we communicate.
Our promise to you: we consult you in your interest, not in ours.

We use and support open-source software. Such software is freely available and its source code is available to everyone. That way, software can be used without any hurdles, and bugfixes and extensions can be done by a worldwide community.

Benefit from the halved daily/hourly rate if you decide to develop open source software!

Supported open-source projects:

You have a product idea? We help you to develop it.

Talk to us about your problem in a free consultation and let us present you with initial solution ideas.