About us

Our philosophy, mission and values

We develop sustainable software that is maintainable far into the future with little resource expenditure, is easy to use and focuses on making workflows more efficient.

Open, direct, transparent

A computer understands only clear and direct instructions. The more open and direct we are in our communication, the easier it is to develop software exactly according to your wishes. As a company we are transparent: our prices are visible on our website.


We develop stable and modern software that is durable. We rely on technologies and concepts that allow software to be maintainable even in 10 years. In doing so, we independently take care of topics such as «Responsive Design», security aspects, backups and SEO.


The challenge of our current generation: how can we reduce climate change and take care of nature and our habitat? As a company, we are committed to this and try to operate as sustainably as possible. In particular, data protection is important to us. We do not use any analysis tools that extensively track people or reuse the data for our own purposes.


We automate not only your processes, but also ours. With few human resources we create powerful software solutions.


We want to move the world forward through digitization and efficiency. We want our customers to be able to concentrate entirely on their core creative tasks - tasks that a computer cannot take over. We digitize the remaining activities and try to automate as much as possible. For example, processes are simplified and shortened through better integration with end customers.


Simple. But considered. That's what we understand in «Sophisticated simplicity». Simple solutions are more efficient and less expensive. However, a solution that makes a simple impression can be quite complicated in the background.


Your application is available online shortly after the start of the project. Experience how your application grows and test your new processes immediately. This early feedback allows you to make course corrections in time and thus save costs.


We work with web technologies. The advantage of the web is that your application is available everywhere and at any time: on the computer, tablet or cell phone. The development is cheap compared to native development (such as desktop apps or iOS/Android development), because only one application needs to be built in one technology.

Ruby on Rails

A web framework with the goal of being able to develop web applications as productively as possible.


The basic technology of the web.

TypeScript / React

If it does need a little more interactivity.


Interactive, but without complex JavaScript.


A relational database that can cover more specialized cases with many extensions.


Our operating system of choice: open source, efficient and customizable at will.


Packs applications into individual «containers» that are self-contained and portable.


Distributes incoming requests to different applications in the background, e.g. individual Docker containers.


Manages our servers by «programming» their configuration;.

Our team

Serge Hänni

I have been working in professional software development for over 15 years. As a business analyst, designer, architect, project manager, software developer and server administrator, I use my skills pragmatically but with foresight.

I focus on the future business value of software and question existing structures to develop efficient and innovative solutions.

It is important to me to live fairly towards others and nature and to care for our environment. For me, climate protection and sustainability are topics that we currently need to address more intensively. Even with digital solutions, it is important to ask how sustainable a planned solution really is. That's why we offer special conditions for do-gooders who are committed to nature, social justice or the climate.


Faithfully accompanies me every step of the way. She is a critic, tester, musician and break manager. In fact, she rarely has to cover her eyes.