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We are your competent partner for the development, hosting and maintenance of your business application.

Our services


  • We analyse your business processes, simplify them and digitize them.
  • Digitalization and automation save you working time: so your staff can concentrate on their core creative tasks.


  • We develop business applications tailored to your needs, in close collaboration with you.
  • With your own software, you can solve all conceivable problems, manage your data, or automate your data processing. Let your customers work in the same system via a login, so that media breaks are avoided as much as possible and thus your processes are handled more efficiently.
  • You already own a software based on Ruby on Rails? We can adapt and extend it, and take over its hosting if needed.


  • Wie provide the hosting of your software solution and take care of the infrastructure such as servers or DNS entries.
  • We take care of backups of your data in different geographic locations.
  • Technology evolves every day. Thus, your software must be continuously adapted and updated with new security patches and updated modules your software is using. We take care of these updates for you.
Your staff focuses on their core creative tasks. We digitize the rest.

We are pragmatists. With us, you won't hear buzzwords like Machine Learning, Blockchain or Scrum. We don't look for problems with a ready-made solution - instead, we analyze your problem and find the right solution for you that increases your efficiency, reduces costs and improves your work's quality.

As experts, you can rely on us. We proactively address potential problems and communicate openly with you. We understand quality as setting high standards: lateral requirements like «Responsive Design», security aspects, backups and SEO are naturally included with us. Only additional, specific requirements we will charge you extra.

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Our process

Our development process is pragmatic and focused on quick and frequent feedback. We discuss the initial situation together and discuss a possible solution. Afterwards, you will receive a rough estimate for the developed solution in order to determine your budget and to decide whether the development of a software is worthwhile for you.

  1. Free consultation (max. 1.5 hours). The aim of this meeting is to get to know each other and to gain an understanding of your situation or problem.
  2. We create sketches (mockups) for a possible software solution and discuss them together with you.
  3. We create a rough estimate of the costs and a plan of the time frame of the implementation. This involves setting a budget, which is monitored weekly during the development period.
  4. Implementation/development with weekly meetings on status and further planning

Standard packages

To simplify your cost expectations and planning, we offer some initial services as fixed price quotes. Software development is generally charged on a time basis per hour. This allows flexibility on both sides to react quickly to new business situations and user feedback during development.

Draft solution
  • 2-hour workshop to clarify the requirements
  • Creation of sketches (mockups) describing a possible solution
  • 1-hour discussion of the solution
  • 1 revision of the proposed solution

Additional work and adjustments will be charged per hour.

Business Application

The foundation for your business application. We set up the infrastructure such as required servers and databases, and create basic functions such as navigation, login or sending e-mails. This forms the basis for further functionality.

  • User management
  • Login for admins
  • Login for users (on the public website)
  • Server setup
  • Database
  • Responsive layout (application is usable on mobile phones, tablets and computers)
  • Setup of Email dispatch
Hosting and maintenance
  • We take care of the smooth operation of your software solution.
  • We independently handle security updates, software updates and server updates.
  • With daily backups in different geographical regions, your data is safe with us.
  • Including emails sent by your software
CHF / Jahr
Test environment
  • Test updates of your software with test data on a separate system first. This way you are sure that everything works as intended.
CHF / Jahr
Customizations and extensions for open source applications
  • You are developing an open source application. This means that the source code of your software is freely available.
  • Benefit from a reduced hourly rate.
CHF / Stunde
Adjustments and enhancements for do-gooders

Are you an NGO or do you work directly for a better world? Benefit from our reduced hourly rate.

CHF / Stunde
Adaptations and extensions
  • in hourly rate
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